On Nollywood & Lagos Sounds

Der Track enstand innerhalb der letzten Woche in Lagos aus Interviews, Straßenmusikproben, Generatoren und zufälligen Stimmen.

Musik Andi Otto aka Springintgut (featuring Mohammed Musuluni)

"Filmmaking in Nigeria is called Nollywood
The noise is there. That's Lagos
The way you make film here is just pa-pa-pa
In one week the film is shot
The other week it's edit
Next time it's in the market.

She never experienced that silence.
They'll shout
Everybody shouting (They're supposed to give a shit)
Please project… loud.

Even if they're miked, they'll shout for the camera.
The camera is there, and they'll shout for the camera to hear.
Oh it's funny.

Ogunde… Ogunde…
he's a super star

Here's a new one.
It's a romance film.

Ist ja geil, ist ja der Hammer. Das nehmen wir auf jeden Fall. Muss mit.

Terminator. There are three dare devil female armed robbers who are terrorizing the whole vicinity with their sophisticated armory."